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Name : Aki Ross
Born in San Francisco in 2038. Orphaned at an early age when her parents were attacked by Phantoms, Aki was raised by an aunt in New York City. As only child, Aki grew up to be a strong and independent woman, finding pleasure in solitude and thought. Following the footsteps of her father, a highly respected scientist, Aki dedicated her life to understanding biotechnology. Often outspoken in her opinions and ideas, Aki became an expert in her field at an early age. She would travel between the barrier cities conducting experiments and lecturing to other scientists.

In addition to her study of science, Aki also trained at the Houston Military Academy (HMA), headquarters for all military training. Focusing on aerospace education, Aki also received environmental and wasteland reconnaissance training. It is at the HMA where she began a relationship with Gray Edwards. Upon her graduation from HMA, Aki returned to New York Barrier City to complete her doctorate, while Gray was subsequently assigned to the Deep Eyes. Despite the distance, they continued their relationship, often commuting between the two cities between Grayís missions to the wasteland and other barrier cities. Under the supervision of Dr. Sid, Aki began research on the wave-theory that he had developed.

Aki became a dedicated scientist and advocate to Dr. Sidís theory to try and eliminate the Phantoms without using excessive force. However, in a freak accident during an experiment, Aki was infected with Phantom particles. Dr. Sid isolated the Phantom particles using wave-theory, yet time was running out. Determined to save her life, she and Dr. Sid set out to find the 8 Spirits to complete the wave-theory and destroy Akiís infestation. Not knowing the magnitude of her infection, Aki isolates herself from everyone, including Gray.

Name : Gray Edwards

Born in Chicago in 2034, Gray Edwards was raised in a loving family. The eldest son of a civil engineer, Grayís father tried to keep his family safe and intact during the years before the barrier cities were developed. Forced to care for his family alongside his father at an early age, Gray showed strong signs of leadership. Prior to the construction of the Chicago Barrier City, Gray was active in the youth task force, providing protection and assistance to the remaining citizens of Chicago. In the draft of 2050, Gray was enlisted in the Los Angeles USMF. Praised for his quick-thinking and skilled athleticism, Gray quickly rose to the rank of Cadet leader.

Showing great skill within the ranks of the Cadets, Gray was recruited into the Houston Military Academy (HMA) at the age of 17. Through the HMA curriculum, Gray received training in physical sciences and engineering along with humanities and the social sciences. After several successful training missions, Gray was given leadership over other missions and consecutive wasteland reconnaissance. During one of his training missions he met Aki Ross. Often assigned to similar missions, he as squadron leader and she as medical assistant, they began a relationship in complete secrecy. Two years into their relationship, Gray was assigned to the elite Deep Eyes Squadron and Aki returned to New York Barrier City to complete her education.

As Aki pursued her research, Gray, along with Jane, Neil and Ryan, conducted search and rescue missions throughout the Barrier Cities and wastelands.Despite the distance, Aki and Gray continued their relationship. However, unbeknownst to Gray, Aki became infected with Phantom particles during a freak accident. In her attempt to save her life she isolates herself from everyone, including Gray. Unable to reach Aki and not knowing the reason why she left him, Gray is filled with pain and sorrow over the woman that he loves.

Name: General Hein

Born in San Francisco in 2030. Born the year before the Leonid Meteor landed in the Arizona Desert, Hein has known about death and dying from a young age. At the age of 17, he enrolled in the Houston Military Academy (HMA) within the newly constructed experimental Barrier City in Houston showing great intelligence and skill at an early age. At HMA, Hein refined his leadership skills, gaining training in advanced artillery and strategic tactics as well as military science. It is here where he met his wife, a social worker who also shared his dedication to find a solution to the Phantom problem. Upon graduation from HMA, General Hein settled in San Francisco Barrier City with his wife and soon they had a young daughter. He lost both his daughter and wife when the San Francisco barrier failed.

The failure of the barrier only surged Heinís quest to find a solution to the Phantoms. After the 4th World-Wide Phantom Cleansing mission of 2063, he was promoted to the position of General. A guiding force behind the development and construction of the Zeus Cannon, General Hein is determined to use this to eliminate the Phantomís nest completely. Intent to avenge his familyís death and to release himself and the rest of the world from barrier city Ďcagesí that they live in, General Hein is determined to use the cannon. Yet until now the Emergency council has been reluctant to accept his plan. Determined to prove Dr. Sidís wave-theory wrong, General Hein seeks out a weakness - a weakness that he finds in Aki Ross.

Name : Dr. Sid

Dr. Sid was born in Toronto in 1995, long before the Phantoms arrived from their planet and the barrier cities were constructed. A biochemistry graduate of the University of Scientific Research, Dr. Sid spent long hours conducting research on the physical properties of living things. In 2022, after detecting a strange energy force during a gravitational field extraction experiment, he began to conduct research in spiritual energy. In addition to this research, Dr. Sid, along with his wife, also spent time contemplating the so-called Gaia theory. Through the Gaia theory, they concluded that each life is born of Gaia and each life returns to Gaia upon death. Each life holds a spirit and each spirit brings its experience back to Gaia, enabling it to live and grow.

This theory proved to be unpopular among his fellow scientists and Dr. Sid and his wife kept their findings hidden.After the Leonid Meteor landed on earth, Phantoms created world-wide destruction. Dr. Sid was able to avoid Phantom exposure, yet he lost his wife during the attack on Toronto. After the death of his wife, Dr. Sid became an advocate for Bio-Etheric research and dedicated his life to finding the solution to the Phantom problem. Through extensive research he discovered a unique energy form in the Phantoms. This discovery in turn was used to create such items as spiritual scanners and ovo-pacs, as well as weapons such as Energy weapons, transport vehicles and numerous tools.

In addition, he was successful in creating a barrier shield that provided protection against Phantom attacks. Using this technology, the remaining cities were surrounded by this shield to form the Barrier Cities. Upon completion of the barrier cities, Dr. Sid devoted himself to the research of bio-etheric wave theory. After his appointment to Director of the Bio-Etheric Center in New York Barrier City, Dr. Sid was able to successfully analyze the Phantom wave pattern and with the help of Dr. Aki Ross hopes to find the remaining three spirit waves to complete the pattern.

Name : Neil Fleming

Born in New York City in 2038, Neil was the youngest son of a military officer. From an early age Neil showed interest in mechanics, often taking apart household appliances and putting them back together. At the age of 18 he enrolled in the Houston Military Academy where he studied engineering and received training in the Air Force. Highly recommended for his mechanical ability, Neil was recruited to the Deep Eyes squadron at the age of 25.

Name : Ryan Whittaker

Born in New York City in 2035, Ryan was one of five children. After the death of his father in the Phantom Cleansing mission, Ryan enrolled in the Houston Military Academy becoming an expert in combat and infantry. His selflessness and courage became an example for fellow officers and he was highly regarded within the academy. After several successful wasteland reconnaissance and heroic efforts during the failure of the San Francisco barrier, he was appointed to the highly regarded Deep Eyes squadron.

Name : Jane Proudfoot

Born in Houston in 2037. As a child, Jane and her family followed her father, a general, to various assignments around the world. The only girl within a family of brothers, Jane grew up to be a strong, athletic woman. Recruited into the Houston Military Academy at the age of 16, Jane specialized in artillery and spent long hours honing her skill in weaponry. Recruited for not only her knowledge of weapons, but also her determination, Jane became an important addition to the Deep Eyes Squadron at the age of 26.