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Treno Auction

After the group’s initial visit to Treno, return to the King’s Mansion and the auction. Some Key Items and some extremely useful equipment are auctioned off here, and this auction is the key to receiving a very powerful weapon! Upon entering, the auctioneer lists off the items up for bid. To purchase an item, approach the stage until you see a “?” over Zidane’s head. Nobles in the audience will bid, and they have a lot of Gil to throw away. Whenever you want to bid, press the X button and a menu appears. The menu automatically inserts a bid 100 Gil higher than the last, but you can raise or lower your bid as you see fit. Rare and Key Items that you can bid on at the auction include the following: Mini-Cid, Griffin’s Heart, Doga’s Artifact, Une’s Mirror, the Magical Fingertip, and the Rat Tail. (Some Final Fantasy veterans may remember some of these items from previous Final Fantasy titles.) These items have some strange uses, plus you can resell them. The trick to the auction is to avoid getting into a bidding war. If you attempt to outbid the nobles at every turn, they will toss out fake bids just because they know you’ll outbid them. The smartest thing to do is let the nobles bid amongst themselves for a while. Then, when it seems like the auctioneer is ready to sell the item, throw in a last-minute bid just slightly higher than the last. This should get you the item you want at a reasonable price every time. If you allow the nobles to jack up the prices, then you lose out on profiting from the resale value. Check the resale value of these items in the next section before paying too much for an item. If you leave the auction before a Key Item is sold, then it will be available the next time you enter the auction. Street Value of Auction Items After purchasing certain Key Items from the lavish Treno Auction, talk to people in the area around the Café Carta. Some nobles will see that you have items they desire, and will offer Gil for them. But don’t settle for the first offer! Turn down the first amount to get them to increase their offer. Two notes here: You must sell the Griffin’s Heart to the Adventurer before that person becomes interested in the Rat Tail. Also, the Scholar in Treno’s Synthesis Shop will not top his offer of 10000 Gil