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Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon
If you defeated Emerald Weapon, this guy will be a piece of cake. Equip Cloud with Mystile Armor, Enhance Sword, and a Ribbon. Give him W-Summon, Knights of the Round (at least Level 2) linked with HP Absorb, and Mime Materia. To start the battle have another character cast the Enemy Skill Big Guard on Cloud (not necessar but Very helpful!). If Cloud is sucked into a pit, you have to reset the game. When Rudy whips out his tentacles, W-Summon two Knights of the Rounds on the tentacles. Keep miming this and over, and you should regain all your health every time you mime. This will take a long time, but hang in there. You receive the Desert Rose for your trouble, which in turn can be traded into the Kalm Traveler for the a measily Gold Chocobo.

Here is Another way to Win
First get cloud up to at least lvl 65. next u need to get the OMNISLASH (i hope the people have it, u tell 'em how to get it) then u use the X- ITEM trick and get ur megalixers and hero drinks up to 99. get a mastered FINAL BLOW materia and equip it to a LIFE2. u also need a MASTERED copy materia. yes u also need another mastered materia, X ITEM. (this takes very little time if u use a X3growth sword in the cave). u need to kill everyone but cloud and give cloud a limit break, THIS WAY HE CAN'T GET SUCKED INTO THE sand.(srry bout caps). bust use OMNISLASH on him until u get to about 1500 life. then use megalixers and hero drinks. if u dont use hero drinks then u only do about 300 dmg a hit, if u DO use them then u do about 1200dmg. use the megalixer and herodrink combo by copying.Keep copying until u get to another limit, then use OMNISLASH again. repeat this and he's dead in about 20-60 min.

Location: Ruby Weapon resides in the quicksand surrounding the Gold Saucer after you defeat Ultimate Weapon. Its head is all you can see sticking out of the sand.. that is, until you anger it. If you're looking to beat it up, take your Airship or Gold Chocobo and attack it head.Post-Battle:For defeating the Ruby Weapon, you get 45,000 EXP, 50,000AP, 30,000 Gil, and a Desert Rose!?