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Jump Rope

The first mini-game encountered during Final Fantasy IX is the jump rope mini-game in Alexandria. To participate, have Vivi approach the little girls jumping rope to the left of the ticket booth. Once he has done so, the girls offer to let him join. This is a good opportunity to earn some Gil, get extremely rare cards, and obtain a Key Item very early in the game. After Vivi moves over the rope, press the Circle button to begin the game and press the X button again to jump each time a “!” appears over Vivi’s head.
Jumping rope is fairly easy, but don’t underestimate the game! The speed at which the rope moves increases at 20 jumps, increases again at 50 jumps, and then once again at 100 jumps. At 200 jumps, the speed subsides a bit, but the timing is different. After 300 jumps, the speed and timing of the jumps remain the same.

You can play the jump rope mini-game at the beginning of Disc 1. At the beginning of Disc 3, the jump rope girls move their game to the moogles’ bell tower. You can only play during Disc 3 and 4 if you have Eiko or Vivi in your party.

You can only win each reward one time. You will not receive the same reward again if you start over and match the number of jumps you achieved previously.

# of Jumps Reward

20 Jumps 10 Gil

50 Jumps Cactuar Card

100 Jumps Genji Card

200 Jumps Alexandria Card

300 Jumps Tiger Racket Card

1000 Jumps King of Jump Rope (key item)