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Welcome to Final Fantasy Underground;
Yet another new Layout But of course whole new content! So Enjoy! The walkthroughs will of originally been linked to another site but that site is closed as far as I know so I have copied them temporarily so please dont complain


Sub quests for some FFs will be linked to pages without
Nav bars so you will need to click back on you browsers
or if you are using AOL and have multiple pages open
right click and click back!

The Site is undergoing some, well alot of changes, mainly
affecting the layout (nav pictures) and extra content will
also be added.


As of 3/8/02 Squaresoft have announced that Final Fantasy and other titles will be hitting the NINTENDO gamescube and the Gameboy Advance! The newest game to be seen with NINTENDO will be Final Fantasy Unlimited!

The game Is based on the Anime Series released last year in Japan. What do SONY have to say about this? Will the series be continued with the PS2 aswell? discuss all this on our forums! Just follow the link to the left!

New features added....
Links Page added
Easy Nav on the main banner added
Right Navigation added
Whole New layout and theme
Sorry for any inconvenience but the changes have been for the better.


Sections in work...
Currently a few sections are being constructed, hopefully these will be finished and uploaded by the end of May. The sections are:
Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy Pictures
Final Fantasy Unlimited
Final Fantasy Spin Off Section
And maybe a section devoted to the games being released for Nintendo.


Final Fantasy Unlimited...
The Final Fantasy Unlimited has been started and uploaded it
does not contain much information... But it includes Pictures of the characters and a story description.