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Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy the music

Story (contains spoilers)

The story starts when Ai and Yuís parents go in a subway that leads to the inner world. They havenít returned for a long time and Ai and Yu start to worry. They both go on the subway in search for their parents.
In the subway they meet a woman, maybe around the age of 20, named Lisa. She accompanies the two children on their quest to find their parents. When the subway arrives at the inner world, they all find a surprise.
Giant demons. Lisa has psychic powers and protects the children. Her powers are very weak and cannot defeat the demons. While running from the first demon they meet, they find an unconscious man. They yell and try to help him, but the demon has almost caught up. A chocobo helps them, by kicking the demon, but is weak as runs with the others. Yu finds a feather that connects the chocobo and Yuís mind. He can talk and understand it. Later, the man wakes up and uses a weapon called the Demon Gun. This gun is able to summon creatures. He summons Phoenix and kills the demon. He goes by the name of Kaze (ka-zeh) translated means black wind. Kaze helps Lisa, Ai, and Yu as they travel through the strange world ruled by an evil tyrant, the Count. Later on they meet a girl who has the power to transform into a werewolf, but later leaves to find Kaze. Meanwhile the two kids, still are looking for their parents.

Main Characters: