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[ Zidane's Weapons ]

Weapon Attack  Abilities Status
Dagger 12 Flee None
Mage Masher 14 Flee, Detect Silence
Mythril Dagger 18 Flee None
Butterfly Sword 21 What's That!?, Protect Girls Silence
The Ogre 24 Soul Blade Darkness
Gladius 30 Annoy, Lucky Seven Slow
Exploda 31 Sacrifice, Lucky Seven Trouble
Rune Tooth 37 Lucky Seven Poison
Zorlin Shape 42 Flee None
Angel Bless 42 Thievery Confuse
Sargatanas 53 Annoy Petrify
Masamune 62 Sacrifice Doom
Orichalcon 71 Detect None
The Tower 86 Lucky Seven, Thievery Mini
Ultima Weapon 100 Flee Sleep


[ Garnet's Weapons ]

Weapon Attack  Abilities Status
Rod 11 Cure, Panacea, Protect None
Mythril Rod 16 Life, Silence, Shell None
Stardust Rod 16 Ability Up, Reflect, Float None
Healing Rod 23 Healer, Cura, Life None
Asura's Rod 27 Mini, Confuse, Silence None
Wizard Rod 31 Curaga, Protect, Shell None
Whale Whisker 36 Curaga, Life None


[ Garnet's & Eiko's Weapons ]

Weapon Attack  Abilities Status
Air Racket 13 Scan, Panacea None
Multina Racket 17 Blind, Stona, Shell None
Magic Racket 23 Beserk, Mini, Cure None
Mythril Racket 27 Reflect, Protect, Shell None
Priest's Racket 35 Silence, Might None
Tiger Racket 45 Dispel None


[ Eiko's Weapons ]

Weapon Attack  Abilities Status
Golem's Flute 17 Auto-Regen, Cura Life None
Lamia's Flute 21 Float, Stona, Silence None
Fairy Flute 24 Esuna, Haste, Regen None
Hamelin 27 Curaga, Might, Jewel None
Siren's Flute 30 Full-Life, Dispel, Esuna None
Angel Flute 33 Holy, Dispel, Esuna None


[ Steiner's Weapons ]

Weapon Attack  Abilities Status
Broad Sword 12 Beast Killer None
Iron Sword 16 Minus Strike None
Mythril Sword 20 Armor Break None
Blood Sword 24 Darkside None
Ice Brand 35 Mental Break None
Coral Sword 38 Charge! None
Diamond Sword 42 Power Break None
Flame Saber 46 Magic Break None
Rune Blade 57 Iai Strike Darkness
Defender 65 Thunder Slash None
Ultima Sword 74 Stock Break Sleep
Excalibur 77 Climhazzard Holy
Ragnarok 87 Shock, Thunder Slash