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How Do I Play?
First, you need a good starting deck m and you can get one from a person in Balamb Garden at the start of the game. The Cards aren’t that great, but they are better than nothing at all.

Challenge People
Challenging people to a card game is easy. Approach a person in normal fashion and press the SQUARE button. If the person is a card player m they’ll most likely to accept your challenge. If not, they’ll converse with you normally.
When to Play Card Game?
If you’ve been given an assignment, it is best to wait to play cards on your own free time. The Garden looks down on SeeDs that goof off while assignments. There’s no such thing as too many of one card. If nothing else, use the Card Mod Ability to turn your extra into items and sell them for Gil.

Basic Strategy
The Biggest Challenge Triple Triad presents is the always-changing set of rules. So, while it may seem like a good idea to always play your best hand, many times this is not the case.
When the rules are basic (Same, Open, Sudden Death and Elemental), all you need are strong cards to win. You can simple over-power your opponent by playing cards that he/she simply cannot beat. However, if some of the more advanced rules (Plus, Same Wall, and Random) are in effect, it’s best to back off a bit and try to win the game through strategy, rather than brute force.
Always play defensively. There’s no reason to take each card your opponent plays. Play a waiting game with your opponent and plan ahead. Let your opponent trap his/her own cards, and then force certain moves by strategically placing your cards.
Corners typically offers the best defense, while the center spot is obviously the worst. in some cases, though, you may find it beneficial to play a card in the center at the start of the match to limit your opponent’s option. This works well against tougher opponents.
Try not to spread the Random Rules-It’s a killer. And although Open may seem like the best rule in the game, your opponent gain as much from it as you do. Skilled opponents may gain too much from being able to see your hand.

Card-Related Side Quest
There are three card-related Side Quests: The Queen of Cards, the CC Groups, and the Alien Encounter.

CC Group
The CC Group is a group of seven elite card players in Balamb Garden. If you can beat them all, you can get some good cards. This becomes available in Disc 3. You must challenge them from the lowest ranking up to the highest.
#1: Jack :: Is in the hallway near the directory. Has no rare cards.
#2: Club :: In the hallway near entrance to cafeteria. Appears randomly and not often. Has no rare cards.
#3: Diamond :: In front of directory. Diamond is actually a pair of female SeeD cadets. They have no rare cards.
#4: Spade :: On floor 2F next to elevator. Spade is one of the two people that usually hang out on this floor. Has no rare cards.
#5: Heart :: On the bridge. Heart is actually Xu! She has the Carbuncle card.
#6: Joker :: Inside the Training Center. Appears randomly and not easy to find. Has Leviathan card.
#7: King :: To find King, speak with Nida on the bridge, then visit the Infirmary and challenge Dr. Kadowski to a game. Kadowski hints about King. Return to your dorm room and King will appear in the room. King has the Gilgamesh card.
More Info: To start challenging the CC Group, you must first build up your reputation in Balamb Garden as a card player. To do so you may have to win about 15 games around Garden.

Queen of Cards
The Queen of Cards is located in the town of Balamb, near the train station. In order to win the rare cards listed above as “Acquirable in Queen of Cards quest”, you must lose (or win) a rare card (level 8 or above) to/from her. Once then, you can speak to her again to get a hint of her next destination, which can be at eight places: Balamb, Shumi Village, Dollet, Deling City, Winhill, Esthar, Fisherman’s Horizon and Lunar Gate. Her first destination is Dollet. Speak with her normally (not a card game challenge) and choose the fourth option; “About your artist father,”. When you choose this option she requests a card from you. The first card requested will be MiniMog. Lose MiniMog to her in a game. This enables her artist father to create a new card that you can win elsewhere. When you give the queen the card she requested, she moves to a different region. You must chase her around the world until she goes back to Dollet and you can repeat the process. This must be done five times to get all the cards.
The rare cards you lose to her: can be won back from her little brother in Dollet.

Where the Card Queen Travels
If the Queen says Galbadia: Galbadia Hotel in Deling City.
FH: On the train tracks at Fisherman’s Horizon.
Esthar: The Presidential Palace at Esthar.
Trabia: The hotel at Shumi Village.
Centra: The hotel at Winhill.
Dollet: The Pub at Dollet.
Balamb: Balamb Station in Balamb.
Far Away: Lunar Gate’s Concourse Area.

Present Location/Will Move to...
If she is in Balamb :: she will move to Dollet (37.5% chance) or Deling City (62.5%).
Deling City :: Balamb (12.5%), Dollet (12.5%), Winhill (12.5%), FH (62.5%).
Dollet :: Balamb (37.5%), Deling City (62.5%).
Shumi Village :: Balamb (25%), Dollet (50%), Lunar Gate (25%).
Winhill :: Deling City (37.5%), Dollet (37.5%), FH (25%).
FH :: Dollet (12.5%), Winhill (25%), Esthar (62.5%).
Esthar :: Dollet (12.5%), Shumi Village (25%), FH (12.5%), Lunar Gate (50%).
Lunar Gate :: Random area, plus she gives no hint.

Card Given/Card Created/Where to find New Card
MiniMog :: Kiros is created: Found in Deling City by the man in black across from Junk Shop.
Sacred :: Irvine is created, find in FH; win from Flo (Mayor Dobe’s wife).
Doomtrain :: Phoenix is created; win in Esthar from the blue Presidential Assistant in the Presidential Palace.
Chicobo :: Chubby Chocobo is created; win in Balamb Garden from student sitting on bench outside library.
Alexander :: Doomtrain is created; win in Timber from the Pub’s owner.