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Final Fantasy Unlimited

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Final Fantasy VII

Turtle’s Paradise Flyer’s
Look at each of the flyer’s placed all over the world and then go to Turtle’s Paradise and the guy will give you 1 of each of the sources and a megalixir.
1. In the Sector 5 Slums on the east side of town. Upstairs in the boy’s bedroom.
2. 1st floor of Shinra HQ on the back wall
3. In the Ghost Hotel near the item shop entrance
4. Next to the weapon shop in Cosmo Canyon that has a save point in it
5. Next to the inkeeper’s desk in Cosmo Canyon
6. In Yuffies basement outside of the trap room.

Finding Yuffie
Go to the forests near Junon or Gold Saucer. Fight until you come across Mystery Ninja. Win the battle. After the battle do not use the save point on the screen. Talk to her and answer the questions in the following order: bottom, top, bottom, top, bottom. That’s it.

Finding Vincent
At the Shnira Mansion unlock the safe(combo is: Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, and Right 97) and get the key to the basement. Then go into the basement and talk to Vincent before going to the library. Talk to him about Sephiroth first. Then ask about his name. He will go back to sleep again but when you go to leave after the library part he will join your party.

The Back Room
During the second disc go to the general store in Cosmo Canyon. The section that was roped off before is now open and you can go in the back and collect the fullcure materia, and Elixir, and a Magic Source.

Da-Chao Fire Cave
In the submarine dock at the Underwater reactor pick up the Leviathan Scales. Then go to the Da-Chao mountains in Wutai and go into the fire cave. Walk into each of the fires to put them out. There will be three items: Oritsuru(weapon for Yuffie), Steal As Well Materia, and Dragoon Lance(weapon for Cid).

Kalm Traveler
In the rightmost building in Kalm there is a man upstairs who is looking for 3 items. He starts his search after Meteor is summoned. Give him the Guidebook and he’ll give you the Underwater Materia, which eliminates the timer on Emerald WEAPON. to find it moreph the Ghost Ship that you encounter near the Underwater Reactor. If you give him the Desert Rose, which you get from defeating Ruby WEAPON, he will give you a crappy Gold Chocobo. If you give him the Earth Harp, from defeating Emerald WEAPON he will give you each of the three master materia.

Gil to GP
1/60 times you see the ropeway station on the Gold Saucer side you will see a guy who will trade in your Gil for GP. The rate is 100 Gil=1 GP, up to 100 GP.