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Job System

Yes that’s right, this is brand new info, Final Fantasy XI will use the Job system, that has been seen and loved in earlier final fantasies Such as the SeeD system in Final Fantasy VIII, read below to understand what it is all about!
· Any race can be any job
· You gain job levels, not character levels
· Jobs are gained by levelling-up prerequisite ones
· Notes: A master of armed combat. Most likely has a high amount of hit points and no doubt can deal a high amount of damage. These characters take the hits for other party members, and are usually the first to die. Elven make especially good warriors.
White Mage
· Notes: Practioners of healing and curative magicks. Basically useless on his or her own; though any self-respecting party will want the support of a white mage, as using potions and phoenix downs left and right is inefficient and no doubt costly.
Black Mage
· Notes: Wielders of highly destructive magicks. No doubt has a very low amount of hit points, yet a high amount of magic points. While weak on his or her own, a party with artillery support from a black mage is highly deadly. Tarutaru make especially good black mages.
Red Mage
· Notes: A combination of a Black Mage, White Mage, and Warrior. Probably your standardized RPG ‘ Tank-Mage ‘; one who doesn’t need to group with others and can pretty much take care of him or herself. A jack of all trades (though a king of none).
· Notes: Fast, agile characters. Can steal (with upgrades such as ‘ Mug ‘ available) from monsters and possibly other characters. Most likely has a low amount of hit points (though doesn’t get hit as often in the first place, so it balances out). Mithra make especially good thieves.
· Notes: Specializes in unarmed combat. Has access to martial arts (much like the monk from Final Fantasy Tactics). Doesn’t need to buy meleé equipment, thus freeing up monies for other things. Most likely is restricted to the lighter types of armor.