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Emerald Weapon

Emerald Weapon-HP: 800,000-850,000
Locaton:Emerald Weapen can be found swimming around in the area accessible by the submarine. If you donít want to accidentally get in fight with, stay as high you can. This usually keeps your too high for the Weapon to come in contact with you. When you do get in a fight with it, youíll know because the submarine will ricochet backwards in a flash of light.
Post-Battle:After you defeat the Emerald Weapon, you get 50,000 of each in EXP, AP, and Gil. You also receive an Earth Harp. Exchange THIS one at KALM and you get EVERY MASTER MATERIA!? all the summons, all the spells, almost all the commands!This right here is tough battle. Youíre gonna need to have high magic levels for this, equip those Magic Plus materias and use the magic source items. Have one person equipped with a level 2 Knight of the Round (it is so much easier with a level 4) linked with HP Absorb and a Mime Materia. Have a second character equipped with the Mime Materia and Bahamut Zero linked with Quadra Magic. For your third character must also be equipped with Phoenix Materia linked with Final Attack (can be obtained in Gold Saucer battle arena). When the battle starts, the Enemy Skill Big Guard should be cast if you have it. The person with the Knights of the Round should cast it. If a character does not have Mime he should do nothing. Keep miming until kill off your entire party, which is where the Phoenix revives your party. Here you can use your Megalixirs and the Enemy Skill Big Guard if needed. Cast Knights of the Round again if you can or if canít, use Bahamut Zero and mime that. This battle is extremely long, but hang in there, the prize is worth it. You obtain the Yellow, Red, and Green Master Materias for all your hard work.

Here is a other way to win:
This dude wuz easier for me than ruby. the worst part is his atttack that does 9999dmg to everyone (master final blow 2-3 times and then master pheonix 2-3 times, see the cave above) this wuz the only magic i used while fighting him. u should be at least lvl 73. it only took me 12 minutes to kill him at lvl 76. heís easier than people think. go get ur chocobo and ur mastermagic and master summon.